I love Hetalia, I’m a huge dork about it [My friend even made me a Halloween! Kitsune! Japan for a con once, then I also did a closet cosplay with Korea, and China to compliment. 

But has anyone ever noticed how much weird and cool stuff there is?

  1. Prussia’s temporary gender confusion [Hungary]
  2. How super accurate Spain’s way of talking is? (I didn’t realize this until my college Spanish is, for instance, in Mexico, etc, beer is cerveza [with a  ’sa’ sound] but in Spain, it’s cerveza also, but with a ‘th’ sound, like a lisp on z and most c sounds, so he’s actually linguistically accurate!)
  3. Certain countries are gay, some are clearly bi, etc
  4. Seriously though, this is the weird part: You can’t historically ship some pairings, because history. And Also, isn’t it in a way, weird to do sexual Hetalia pairings, because it’s like picturing two inanimate landmasses having sex. I bet that would be way loud. Also, probably disastrous. 
  5. I got an A+ on my History thanks to Hetalia. 
  6. You can totally teach your teachers with it. 
  7. I’m going to teach my students with Hetalia =/. 
  8. Also, Italy’s ahoge is sexually arousing, but it’s also technically part of the country. 
  9. Like, if you grab Hungary’s boobs, what are they? Is each boob a different city? Or if you grab America’s junk, are you touching Texas?
  10. My headcanon says that if you section a person into three and compare them to North America, the head is Canada, torso is America, and the waist down is Mexico, but that was even before Hetalia. Think about that the next time you grab boobs or junk. You’re either touching America, or Mexico. 
  11. I’m really tired…
  12. I’m going to nap, and then get back to FFXIV:ARR

So… I happened to catch a drink website [alcoholic and non~] that had one with Batman in the name. On a whim, I thought to check for Spiderman, and instead, I found these~

  1. http://www.alcoholicdrinks.net/Sailor-Mercury-Drink-Recipe-2832.htm
  2. http://www.alcoholicdrinks.net/Sailor-Moon-Drink-Recipe-2833.htm
  3. http://www.alcoholicdrinks.net/Sailor-Venus-Drink-Recipe-2834.htm

So, that got me thinking about some more things to do [with art!] and they will be posted up soon with options to make changes, of course. But look forward to it!

The reason it's a circle is that in Japan O is for correct and they mark wrong answers with X. It can be seen with Japanese play station games where O is select and X is more commonly used as their exit button

Ahh! Thank you for answering this. I figured it had to be something different. ._. I didn’t even know the play station games were backwards from how they are here. Thank you for teaching me! 

Ooh! Also, are checkmarks wrong too? Because I’ve also seen a few shows with the really low test scores, where the answers are checkmarked too?