The reason it's a circle is that in Japan O is for correct and they mark wrong answers with X. It can be seen with Japanese play station games where O is select and X is more commonly used as their exit button

Ahh! Thank you for answering this. I figured it had to be something different. ._. I didn’t even know the play station games were backwards from how they are here. Thank you for teaching me! 

Ooh! Also, are checkmarks wrong too? Because I’ve also seen a few shows with the really low test scores, where the answers are checkmarked too?

Also, while I do love Moon Pride, can we all appreciate that even though it says they don’t need a man, that Usagi was at least, at first, always getting saved by Tuxedo Mask? So like.. How about ‘We don’t need a man, except for Sailor Moon, who kinda sorta, actually does, at least a little bit?”